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Truespoke® Wire Wheels

America's favorite chrome wire wheels since 1974
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Chrome Cadillac chrome wire rim.

Truspoke chrome wire rim.

60-spoke Trueray straight-lace wire wheel.

Kelsey Hayes Style Wire Wheels
Truespoke® 50-Spokes
Chrome wire wheels
Trueray® Wire Wheels
60-Spokes - Straight Lace rims
60-spoke Trueray straight-lace wire wheel. 100 spoke knock-off spoke rim.
Trueray® Cross-Laced
56 Spokes - 14-18"
Supreme Custom Wheels
Made in the USA - 13, 14 and 15"
Lowrider Knock Off Wheels
13 - 22" Knock-Off Truewires®
Hot Rod 52-spoke wire wheel. Artillery steel wheel. Premium Sport 5.20 whitewall tire.
Hot Rod Wire Wheels
Chrome - Powder-Coated - Bare
Artillery, Smoothie and
OEM, Steel Wheels
Discount Whitewall Tires
Free shipping most brands

Founded in 1974. Serving the collector car owner, professional restoration shop, customizer, hot rodder and lowrider. Truespoke®, Trueray®, Trueclassic®, Kelsey Hayes style and knock-off type wheels. Large selection of show quality spoked wheels, chrome wire wheel rims and Astro Custom Supreme wheels.




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