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    • I know that I have professional level ability. I can bomb it 300 and mostly straight and usually have mid 20 putts per round. My ball striking, I would say, is top 25 PGATour level. That's the easy stuff. I just can't focus - I'm really mentally weak. It's such a bummer that the mental part of the game is the ONLY thing that separates me from Tiger or Brooks. I mean, yesterday I hit a 7 iron to within 8 feet and made the putt for a gutsy par. That's the kind of stuff that they (we) do. They are SOOOO lucky to have been born with mental toughness. At least I can console myself with the knowledge that I am as good at GOLF as they are, but they are just mentally stronger.  
    • I think it stems from those who just can’t grasp or maybe admit that golf is hard. Real hard. Those ‘ohhh just swing the club without thinking...it’s as natural as using a fork.’ We see a gymnast go flying in the air or a basketball player dribbling the ball like a mad man and we think, ‘damn...I can’t do that.’ We see a golfer swing a club and we think ‘ oh hell I should be able to do that.’ Yeah ...no.
    • It literally doesn’t matter what radar you use.  Just that it is consistent. So you know what a fast swing feels like vs a slow swing.   I measure using the swing speed on my zepp sensor, which probably reads 10 mph slower than actual.  Doesn’t matter what the number reads.  I just know that I am averaging 7mph more than I was a month ago. 
    • My guess is that he's in high school and thinks that beacuae he's not a very good player it is proof that he will become a succesful Tour player. 😎

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