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    • I like "slumps", only because I know at some future point I will be improving. Maybe even better than I was playing, before the slump started. Slumps are never permanent. I take my bad swing periods in stride. They happen for various reasons. Muscle fatigue. Mental fatigue. Maybe something else is going in one's life that lowers the ability to focus. Maybe the golfer is letting prior poor shots ruin their future shots. Who knows, "stuff" happens. My own cure can be taking a multi day break from my game. I also own a few fishing poles. If my slump is due to casting the club, why waste the movement?  Maybe I might just go play 9/18 holes with a half a bag of clubs. With fewer clubs in my bag, I have to be more diligent in what I am doing, shot by shot. I can remember a round that started out poorly, where I finished the last 12 holes using just my PW and my putter.  Maybe I will change my preshot routine. Maybe change the in between shots music I listen to when walking.  Last but not least, just playing through the bad times, while looking for those occassional good shots that use to be more numerous.  As posted above, poor scoring slumps happen to everyone. No golfer is immune to bouts of poor play. It's just another part of the game. 
    • I can only relate back to my several years experience of golfing with guys in my previous league who would suddenly play much better as soon as they started smoking. It was a given, within a hole or 2 of them lighting up their scores would drop. As usual, it's only anecdotal so I fully expect people to immediately disregard it.
    • A lot of good advice and I would add having a pro look at your swing - it may be something simple.  If all else fails a little time off may help.  I had a period of 2 months where it was like I never hit a golf ball before and I was too frustrated and embarrassed to play a round.  I gave golf up for about a year and did a lot of fly fishing.  When the golf bug bit me again I came back with a ton of renewed energy and optimism and started playing to my ability again with some improvement.  It happens to most of us and there is not one prescription that fits all.  Good luck!  
    • Go to a place like Dick’s and get a package set, you can get a set with bag of Top Flites for around 200 bucks. Clubs don’t “break” because of the price or brand, they break from misuse. Don’t get caught up in “name brand itus “. Learn to hit the ball and learn what different clubs are used for before spending a ton of money. Get some new inexpensive balls like “Nitro”. They’re about 7 bucks a dozen . I’m a 10 handicap and I can play with them as well as anything out there. It takes a while to learn golf. Have fun, practice and be patient.

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