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    • Pavillon Rouge by Jovoy

      by Constantine

      Masculine not unisex. This is the best way of smelling like wearable whisky with a hint of freshness without being too boozy or smelling of stale alcohol . Don't get the tea unless thats the freshness part . The faintest vanilla comes in later. Un...More

    • Nuit Etoilée by Annick Goutal

      by rbaker

      A fresh citrus accord - a ripe lemon and a ripe sweet orange are greeting me from the outset, but soon a wood note sets in - fairly nonspecific but occasional a touch of fir balsam detectable. Further down the line a mix of musky and fruity no...More

    • Velvet Patchouli by Dolce & Gabbana

      by Darvant

      All I get is another damp powdery patchouli which does not add new elements to the "niche" olfactory panorama. The Velvet Patchouli's evolution is "law profile" and you can finally get just a sort of silky talky/ambery patch vague...More

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