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    • Blu Mediterraneo : Mirto di Panarea by Acqua di Parma

      by mistersurgery

      When Acqua di Parma gets it right, they get it right. And damned if they didn't get it right with Mirto di Panarea. When you take the first whiff of this after spraying it on, you feel like you're on the Mediterranean coast. Many fragrances want...More

    • Déclaration L'Eau by Cartier

      by mistersurgery

      If the goal here was to make a scent that revels in simplicity, then I guess they achieved it. If they were looking for something wearable that was going to turn heads or make waves, then this most certainly isn't it. It opens up with a wonderful...More

    • Perfume Calligraphy Rose by Aramis

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Bold top notes. Spiced. Slight herbal vibe. Gorgeous honeysuckle. Rose moves in moments later. This, is one of the best rose perfumes in my collection... The amber toned sweetness of myrrh and labdanum, blended with the styrax makes this a mode...More

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