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Chic Rewards - Your Tool For Blogger Giveaways!

Chic Rewards is a platform connecting your brand to influencers and bloggers within our community by sponsoring a giveaway. Chictopia is a global community of fashion lovers who share their style and use the site as a social network to browse the latest trends. Users accumulate a currency called "Chic Points" for being successful bloggers on Chictopia - by receiving followers, comments, votes on their style photos, and more. These Chic Points can then be used to claim stylish products listed by brands like you!

Check out our Chic Rewards page to see what items other brands have posted!

MinkPink Jacket
Jungle Geo Blazer by Mink Pink
Max Lace Up Sandals by Pixie Market
James Perse
Casual Tee by James Perse
Have Top Bloggers Style Items from your Brand
When you sign up to become a rewards sponsor, not only will your products be sought after by our community but you will automatically be signed up for our sponsorship platform Chictopia Connect. Chictopia Connect is a great way to connect with our community of 250,000 influencers, seed products to the ones you like, and have them talk about your brand.
Victoria's Secret PINK Bralette
Styled by Vanilla Extract
Coach Watch
Styled by Hapa Time
Topshop Romper
Styled by Le Happy
How it Works
It only takes four easy steps to sponsor giveaways on Chic Rewards!
Create an account for your Shop.
Feel free to link to your external website and social media channels to drive traffic.
Apply to become a
Chic Reward Sponsor.
Our editor will review your site, and notify you within one business day if you've been approved.
Get approved.
Once approved, you'll receive an email with instructions to subscribe via PayPal.

The only cost associated with Chic Rewards is a flat rate monthly fee of $50, and sponsors may give away up to 10 items a month.
Sponsor a Chic Reward!
You'll upload a product to our Chic Reward platform (with a photo, title, description, etc), and price it at a certain amount of Chic Points. Pricing of the reward is up to you - we give you a general guideline (2000 Chic Points for each $10 the product generally costs), but the pricing of a Chic Reward item directly affects the user who will be able to claim it. Pricing it higher means it'll end up with a top influencer, whereas lowering the price makes it available to a wider audience.
Benefits of using Chic Rewards
  • Promotion: We work with Chic Reward sponsors to create email blast and social media campaigns to promote their giveaway items to our audience. Chic Rewards are also featured on our homepage and next to style photos under "recommended items", and the price says "free" (example here).
  • Engagement: Chic Reward items have an average of about 60 comments and 30 votes from our community. You'll also receive enthusiasm from the user who claims your item - unlike typical giveaways in which you can't ensure the blogger will love the product (let alone post about it), you can be sure a user who spends their Chic Points on an item truly covets it!
  • Gaining a shop following: In order for users to see how many Chic Points an item costs, they must follow your Chictopia profile. This automatically will increase your shop's visibility substantially, and you can expect about 40 new followers for each item you list.
  • Drive traffic to your site: We encourage you to link to your external website and social media channels from your Chictopia profile. That way, Chictopia will refer you traffic from your Chic Reward uploads.
  • Mobile presence: All Chic Reward items are browsable through Chictopia's mobile app.
  • Viral visibility: Chic Reward items generally end up in the hands of a highly viral influencer. In addition, we encourage users to share their Chic Reward products by reimbursing them for their Chic Points if they blog about the item! This is essentially free high-impact advertising by trendsetting bloggers on our site.
  • Get fashion bloggers to notice: When you sign up to become a Rewards Sponsor you are automatically registered for a Chictopia Connect account which allows you to connect and collaborate with our network of 250,000 influencers.
Apply to Become a Chic Reward Sponsor
to sign up now.
What Chic Rewards Sponsors Say
"We have enjoyed posting Chic Rewards for the last few years because of the international exposure. It is a great way to get your brand in front of fashionistas from all over the world!"
- Stephanie, LuLu*s
"We have received a huge increase in engagement. We have increased followers by 200% and comments have increased about 100% from our original activity."
- Brian, Zero UV
"Chictopia is a great center for fashion and extremely responsive! My experience with the Chic Rewards program is great!
It helped us acquire lots of new followers and expose our brand and clothing to many new fashion lovers.
We saw a great increase in traffic to our webstore and even a few sales.
Chictopia can help transform your brand - try it, you won't be disappointed!"
- DivaNY_com
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