The Off White EP

by The Off White

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The first EP from the New Jersey garage band has something for everyone. There's surf grooves, thrashing punk, and good ol' rock and roll... and all in 11 minutes. So take a listen if you know whats good for ya.


released February 28, 2014

Mike Bongi - Bass, Vocals
Pat Brenner - Drums, Vocals
Justin Jones - Guitar, Vocals
Sean Jones - Guitar, Vocals


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The Off White New Jersey

What do you do on a lonesome barrier island off the coast of New Jersey with no one but cops, retirees and closed beach marts..?
Buy 40's with the last of your change and smoke the left over cigarette butts from the night before. Psychedelic Punk drenched in Rock and Roll debauchery, with the excite meant of a bag of fireworks in your moms broken washer machine.
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Track Name: Let's All Move To Mexico
I know where its real serene
But the water is far from clean
All the kids are gonna make a scene
Won't you come down with me?
I know where the kids wanna go
We'll turn into banditos
Even though we're all gringos
Let's all move to Mexico
Let's go!

We'll live off the land
Maybe start a Mariachi Band
Getting drunk in the Mexican sand
There's no rules in Mexico Land
I know where the kids wanna go
We'll live off of burritos
Trade cigarettes for their pesos
Let's all move to Mexico
Let's go!

We'll roll down in your Toyota
Maybe roll up all the mota
Go as far as we can tell
Get kidnapped by a drug cartel
Track Name: All My Own
I got a girl at home
And her Mom don't know I've a place all my own
And it's all my own

She really thinks I'm cool
Especially when she skips school
She' knows I ain't no fool

We can hop in my dirty car
And see if we can drive real far
It can't be too hard

I wonder if her Momma knows
What we like to do alone
I think she would throw a fit
But I just couldn't give a shit
Track Name: Jaguar Jay Shot The DEA
Jaguar Jay was the best dealer in town
The only problem was he was rarely ever around
People questioned where he went, and why his money was always spent
But when Jay came back to town we were all soon to forget
Feinding all day
Where the fuck is Jay?
We're starting to decay

When we went to Jays, he would always ramble on
About the Big Cats and how we're all just their pawns
He's the Jaguar, fighting against the pack
Jay's goin to battle, fuck knows if he's coming back
Feinding all day
Where the fuck is Jay?
Found out yesterday

Jaguar Jay shot the DEA (x3)
But he got shot down along with the name

The ending to Jay's story was bitter, bloody, and gory
He shot off his rounds and took three agents down
But they nabbed him by the quarry
They shot him down that day
In a storm of bullets it did rain
No moral eyes ever saw Jay's remains

We had a funeral for the Jaguar, you see
No gravestone in sight, just a can of Old Milwaukee
No body filled the ground, but we held a couple down
And know somewhere in this shit stained town, a Jaguar lingers around
Feinding all day
Where the fuck is Jay?
They shot him down that day
Do or die, life is what you make

Jaguar Jay Shot the DEA (x3)
He got shot down, he used to say
He claimed he was being followed
By government gestapo
Always used to say
"You're only one mistake away from the gallows"
You're only one mistake away!
Track Name: Diner Babes
I go to diners everyday
They know me by my first name
Guess you could say that I'm a regular
Baby I'm not here for the Early Bird

Ooo Diner Babes!!!

I'm drooling in my booth
I've got a sweet tooth for you
Haven't even laid eyes on my menu
Baby I'll just have the usual, give it to me baby
You are my sliced bread
You've got dirty thoughts in my head

Ooo Diner Babes!!!

Take off your apron
I'm your patron of love
You know what I want dear
And I want all of the above

Ooo Diner Babes !!!

Diner Babes got me on the floor
Got me on my knees
You are my Soup Du'Jour
Everyday of the week
What time are you off of your shift, baby
Can I come by and give you a lift

Ooo Diner Babes!!!

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