FIsh Sharks Sailfish Mount Price
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Fish Mounts for sale
Discount Fish Mounts
Marine Fish Mounts
providing the highest quality 
fiberglass fish mounts and replicas
for anglers, fishing tournaments,
bait shops, restaurants, & museums 
since 2000.
We pride ourselves in the detail and 
realism of our fish replicas. 
Marine Creations Taxidermy is a 
small business and not factory
or mass  produced product. 
Therefore your fish replica will get
the fullest attention it deserves. 

All of our fish mounts are backed
with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
Due to the popularity of the " Catch and Release" concept, fish replicas have been increasing in recognition over the years. This results in having a wide range of molds and blanks available. 

There are literately thousands of species of  Saltwater & Freshwater fish,  Marlin, Sailfish, Billfish, Shark, & Rays to choose from in all sizes.  As well, sea mammals, 
sea turtles, reptiles,and invertebrates. 
Mounts that range from a 3 inch minnow to a 16 foot great
white shark.
"  the Forever Fish Replicas "
Send us a picture of your trophy
catch, and I will reproduce the 
color patterns to the finest
detail. If you do not 
have a photo, a good
reference picture 
can be used.
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Sailfish & Marlin
Gallery of Marlin, Sailfish , Fish Replica
FIsh Sharks Sailfish Mount Price
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Fish Taxidermist Tampa  /  Clearwater Florida

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